Sunday, August 18, 2013

Elder McKinney gives "farewell" talk...

 Sunday morning at Lindon 16th Ward, Elder McKinney gave his talk in Sacrament Meeting.  We know they are not officially called Missionary Farewells anymore, but that's basically what it is.  He spoke along with another young man who is going on a mission to England.  Elder Packer.  He just happens to be the grandson of the Apostle Elder Packer so we secretly hoped for an "Apostle sighting" at church.  But it wasn't to be.  I guess Apostles are busy! Joel did a great job on his talk (as always!) and we had a nice family dinner after church.  Amanda made some wonderful Chicken Alfredo all from scratch...and a brownie trifle dessert that was to die for.  It was a nice day!  We of course wish it could have been with all our fellow Clovis 2nd ward family, instead of a ward of strangers we don't know yet, but family came to support him so it was all good!  And he did get a chance to bear his testimony in Clovis before we moved.  He is really looking and sounding like a missionary!  In 24 days he will be at the MTC!  We have two more missionaries speaking next Sunday, and then it's Fast Sunday and then Stake Conference.  So Joel got to give his talk early and now he is done with it and finishing up his preparations to leave.  We cannot believe how fast it is approaching!

 Elder McKinney with David, Jacob and Amanda Stewart
 Elder McKinney with Makayela, Randa, Jackson, Kai, Carson and Eric Farnsworth
 Elder McKinney with Mallory Doxey, our one Clovis friend in the audience!  She is currently attending BYU so was able to come...
 And of course, with Mom and Dad who could not be any happier about having another missionary!  Salt Lake City South is going to love Elder McKinney!