Monday, September 23, 2013

Leaving the MTC tomorrow!

Well, I have a little more time today so hopefully I can dish out some more details for you. So we leave tomorrow morning at like 5.20 Arriving in South Jordan at 6. So the first week was amazing, as was the second. I have never learned so much in my life. I love it! We have taught "investigators". We have taught lessons to our teachers who fill in the role of investigators by using real investigators they taught to impersonate. That word looks weird to me right now... Impersonate. Anyways. So we taught them and then they also pay people to come do basically the same thing or using their own experience as a past investigator or something to role play for us. The one person who we were supposed to teach for four lessons that wasn't our teacher had something happen to his ankle so we only talked to him once and didn't really share anything about the gospel. Bummer. Nor did we do a good job with our teacher investigator. But we learned a lot so that's good. We went to main campus this last Thursday for infield orientation and I saw Austin (Olsen) in the cafeteria at dinner. Talked to him for a few minutes. That was cool. He was the only person I knew was there so I'm glad I found him haha. I talked to Brother Hacking who is the first counselor in the MTC presidency to see if the Ruses were still there but they had already left. Not sure if you or even I knew this before but I guess Brother Hacking is from our Lindon Ward. One of the teachers here is from Lindon too. We share an interest for the same type of tie too. His name is Nate Hainsworth. Wasn't my teacher but in the room next door. Lives on east side of Lindon. So yeah its pretty much the same thing every day. Either you are studying by yourself, with your comp, or as a district. All day long except for breakfast lunch and dinner. Some days there is gym too. Which consists of basketball hoops set up in the parking lot. Also a volleyball court. Got a haircut today. Haven't been to bed before 10.30 like at all the past two weeks. As Zone Leaders we would go around each night to the different rooms the Elders were in from our zone to say goodnight and we love them and such. So we didn't have much time at night.

New Elders and Sisters came in on Wednesday. All the ones that came into our zone are going to Independence Missouri. Food has always been pretty good. Nothing to complain about. Have to pack tonight. That's not going to be fun. West campus is so much different than main campus. So if you ever hear stuff about the MTC from someone who is on main campus, just know its nothing like what it is here. I've been to main campus twice and that alone has made me so grateful I'm on west campus. It just has a much nicer feel about it. Went to the temple last Monday and today. Oh and yes I realized I left my umbrella when it was raining last week. I'm glad we bought that coat before I left because it came in handy. I'll probably need you to send some more of my t shirts in awhile. I don't think I brought enough. Got a hug from the MTC President. Him and his wife just got back from like a four day thing with all the mission presidents in Utah and Elder L. Tom Perry. So they shared their excitement about us going to President Chambers. Most of our zone is going to SLCS. Only two sets of missionaries aren't.

I can never think of what I need to tell you when I'm actually writing you. So... yeah.... Oh yeah I remember now. So it feels like I've been here my whole life. Like I struggle to remember a time before now. I look at pictures of everyone, the kids, Amanda, etc. It's like I don't recognize anyone very well. The Elders and Sisters in my zone I feel like I've known them my whole life. Its such a weird feeling. I look at Timp (Mt. Timpanogos) every day and its not the same Timp I lived under for two months. I don't know. Tell everyone Hi for me. Well have a great week! I'll talk to you from
 SLCS I guess. -Elder McKinney

 Joel  next to his companion Elder Branen from Oregon

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