Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas, Baptism and New Years!

It has been a great week!! Received many packages and presents from friends and family. Thank you to all who sent something! Christmas was fun. Opened presents and then got to Skype home. Spent the rest of the day visiting members and dropping off goody plates to some families. We spoke in one of our wards on Sunday. Bet you can't guess what we talked about. That's right, we spoke about the Law of Moses!! Haha just kidding, we spoke on missionary work of course. It was cool. That was the second ward we have spoken in. Only one left :) We are also starting a mission prep class (that we are teaching) in January. That should be really cool too! Jessica got baptized on Monday night! She will be confirmed next Sunday. The baptism was really good. We also found a family at church that has a daughter who is turning nine in January and wants to be baptized. So we are going to baptize her on the 18th :) They are an African family. Her name is Georgette. There is also another kid in one of the wards that is getting baptized this Saturday but has turned nine since his interview with the Bishop. So he is now under our Mission Presidents authority and our district leader will have to interview him again. So we have three baptisms projected for January already (counting Jessica's because her confirmation is in January) it's wonderful :) Tonight we are supposed to be home by 8 o'clock because of new years and all the crazy people out there. So we are going to play games with our landlords all night haha. It's going to be fun. We should also be going to the temple sometime this transfer. I can't wait for that! I have wanted to go so bad. I have so many questions that I know I can find answers to there. I hope you all had a great Christmas! and I hope you all have a wonderful New Years day! Make this year a great one :) -Elder McKinney ps next week my p-day will be on Monday again

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