Monday, December 2, 2013

December already?

How is it December already??? It just doesn't make sense to me. This week was a lot better. We got stuff done and found a new investigator. Her name is Jessica. We were on our way to buy groceries last Monday when one of the members in one of our wards called us and told us she had someone who wanted to be baptized and was wondering when we could meet with her. We were like "well... we can come tonight. does that work?" She said it did so we went by and met Jessica. She had met with the missionaries before but the missionaries never did anything and they kind of just stopped coming. We found out later that Jessica is on parole so that is probably why they stopped going. We still have a lot to figure out. We have her on date for Christmas (White Christmas! As in white for Baptism) but it is possible it might not happen because of said reasons. Like I said we have a lot to figure out still.

We also have a man named Marvin we have been teaching. He too is on date for Christmas. He's black :) Though our last lesson with him fell through, he didn't make it to church, and we still haven't been able to contact him, so we don't know what is going on. We talked with Seth again... Seth was supposed to be baptized in October, but hasn't been to church in over a month. We talked to him and put him on date for the 21st but once again he didn't come to church! The fellowshipper we have who picks him up for church said that Seth said that someone in his family died. That was also what had happened a couple weeks ago and he was at a funeral so he couldn't come to church. So he fell off date once again.. That kid needs to get baptized. Those are the main people we are working with.

Thanksgiving. Boy I have never been so tired as I was after Thanksgiving. The family who signed up to feed us that day had us over at 1 pm. We ate and played some card games. Later that night had some dinner with our landlords. Then, on Saturday the family who signed up to feed us that night was having their Thanksgiving dinner that night. So yet another Thanksgiving for us. We purposefully tried not to end up eating too much food. There were plenty of companionships that had three to five dinners on the same night. One had like three dinners and then another one with a Samoan family (Who never stop giving you food). So they were plenty filled by the end of the night. The Christmas lights are starting to come up now. It seems so weird. ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!! I can't believe it yet. Actually I can, but it is still crazy! The picture of the Christmas lights and stuff was from like a week before Thanksgiving. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are truly blessed with so many things! It's important we remember to be grateful for them. Have a great week! Share the gospel with everyone! -Elder McKinney

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