Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving! December!?

I have been fasting ever since Thanksgiving dinner. Ha not really but I probably should have after all of that food! Thanksgiving was wonderful! We had been scheduled to eat dinner with a family in the stake named the Afflecks. A day or two before Thanksgiving however we were tracting or door contacting down this one street in one of our wards. We knocked on one door and a woman answered. She told us that she was a part of another church and wasn't interested in our message. We said a few more words and then moved on. A few houses later we turned around after no one answered and we saw this lady walking up to us. She said something along the lines of "it looks like you are from out of state and so we wanted to invite you to Thanksgiving dinner" We were excited, we got invited to dinner by someone who wasn't a member of the church, for Thanksgiving no less! So we went and had dinner with them. They are a nice Christian family with a son and his wife living at home. The son has two little boys. They also had the father of the wife over for dinner as well. So there were seven adults and two kids. It was really neat and we had a good time. We are going to go back and share a video that I will be talking about shortly. So after having that dinner we still went over to the Afflecks and had dinner with them. They were back to back. I have never been so full in my life. Both dinners had plenty of food and it was all delicious. We spent the rest of the day just visiting members and trying to get referrals. We were told not to tract so there wasn't much else we could do. So that was thanksgiving. Other things we got to do this week was we went and helped another woman who isn't a member of the church put up Christmas lights. It was fun, I haven't put up Christmas lights in a long time. We also got to help a family in one of our wards decorate their Christmas tree, so it has been a fun week. We were also able to teach Hernalen a few times which was wonderful. She is ready to be baptized. She knows basically everything she needs to at this point and she is willing. We are still waiting to hear from the father. The family she lives with sent a package of dvds about the church and a letter a few weeks ago. It should get there in the Philippines sometime soon. We look forward to good things. The transfer is already half over, I can't believe it. Four weeks goes by quick! I can't believe it is December either! We had amazing weather this week so it doesn't feel like it's time for December yet. No snow on the ground because it all melted since the last time. We will see what this week brings. Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! I'm excited for this Christmas season. There is also a video for the Christmas season called "He is the Gift" it is a short 3 minute video about how Christ is the first gift of Christmas. I invite you all to watch it because it is a really great video that brings a great spirit. It can be found Have a great week everyone! Love, Elder McKinney
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