Monday, August 3, 2015

Last Transfer!

Transfers! A lot changed this time. Elder Aquino and I stayed together in the Westland stake. He will be my final and longest companion. We are still the zone leaders, but our zone got a lot bigger. After the mission divide there were two zones in the remaining parts of West Jordan. Those zones, having been rather small, are now combined. We have a total of 24 young Elders and Sisters and 3 MLS senior couples.

Our meetings will definitely be a lot different now. Almost every companionship in the zone had a change as well. Only our companionship and one other stayed exactly the same. There are 11 missionaries going home this transfer, and 20 coming in. This will be the first transfer in a long time that we will get more than we lose. The next couple transfers are looking like it will bring it back down though in a few months.

President Chambers has set up to meet with all the zone leaders individually for each zone with him and his assistants to train and counsel. We were the first ones to have that meeting. We met with them last Friday. Normally it would be held at the mission office in sandy. Something came up though, and instead we met at his home in cottonwood heights. It was a really weird feeling. For one, we were out of the mission, and two we were in a place that most missionaries never see until they go home. So it was both cool and weird at the same time. A very nice home. Simple and comfortable. We just talked about the zone and what could be done to help each individual and companionship succeed. It was a great meeting and it was interesting to see President Chambers so relaxed. I'm sure had the meeting been at the office he would have had a suit and been all official. Since he had been at home, he didn't have a jacket on and he was in his slippers. It was different, but neat.

Lacie was not baptized this weekend. Her mom said that she needed two weeks notice or something like that. Even though it was her that we had talked to first. She doesn't live in the area so we can only talk to her on the phone. We will see what happens from here. We are getting set up to go on visits with each Ward on a more regular basis. That should hopefully help more as we find and teach. That's about where things are at for us now. We look forward to a great transfer with lots of miracles! Thank you for your support and friendship! Love you all!

-Elder McKinney

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