Monday, January 20, 2014

Temple, Baptism and Stuff...

So... last week I forgot to mention that we had our first week of teaching mission prep for the stake. It went really well and about 20 or so people showed up. The two sets of missionaries in the stake are taking turns teaching the class so last week the other Elders taught it and this week we taught it. This week there were over 30 people there which was great! It starts at 7 though which means with four of us in the same house with only one shower we have to get up around 5:30 to get ready. Who said Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest right? Ha anyways it went well and there are a lot of youth there, we hope that they will continue to grow in number as they invite others to come, as that is the whole purpose of the class (for them to become missionaries now). We got to go to the Jordan River Temple last Tuesday. It was really awesome! We got there and the session started and the video starts and all of a sudden we were seeing things we had never seen before! Turns out they made a new video and no one knew about it until we saw it. Apparently that was the first day they showed it in that Temple too. It was really good though and I'm still trying to figure out which one I like better. I think both have certain things I like more than the other, but either way. It was a really great experience and I learned a lot of new things. We also had that baptism on Saturday of the young African girl. Turns out, and make fun of us all you want, but the girl was only 8 years old. Which means she is not under our authority and therefore had to be interviewed by the bishop and didn't count for our numbers. In our defense though we had asked the family how old she was and they told us she was 9, but they are also African and can't speak English except for one or two of them and they can't read. So that was kind of a bummer, but she still got baptized so that's great for her :) A family the Solomons have been working with has three unbaptized kids in it so we went with them to a lesson to get them set up to be baptized. Only two that can be baptized were there and their main issue is just making it to church. Because there are so many kids and the dad uses the car on Sundays for work. Andrew and Cassie are the ones on date now. Andrew for February 8 and Cassie for February 15. Cassie didn't make it to church because she was sick but Andrew did. So it's been a great week, got some new investigators and will get some more this week :) I wish we could go to the temple more cause it is so awesome! Plus I want to see the new video again. Oh well. I hope everyone has a great week! Thank you for all your love and support.
-Elder McKinney

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