Monday, February 17, 2014

Slower here...

Three weeks now in the Midvalley Stake. Things are definitely a lot slower than Kearns. We only had one lesson this last week. We had a few cancel on us though. Of the two people we had on date neither of them came to church and they haven't kept our appointments the past few times. That is the boyfriend and girlfriend. Things are good though. We are working hard and we know that the Lord will bless us. We are trying to get the stake to start being a part of the missionary work. We are really just here to help them with their missionary work, not the other way around. So that is going to take some work. We had zone conference last Tuesday which was really awesome! I got to see both Elder Bennett and Elder Cleveland there. So that was nice. Elder Bennett is a Zone Leader now in South Jordan. I miss both of them, but Elder Niupalau is still a great companion. I am learning so much from him and I know I will be a better missionary because of that. He only has a couple weeks left until he goes home. He still works hard every day, which is nice, but I can tell he thinks a lot about some of the stuff about going home. If I didn't have to take over the area in only six weeks and if I didn't need to be as trained as I do he probably wouldn't be working as hard, so it's a good thing I'm here I guess. On Wednesday he had training with all the other District leaders and so I went with one of the other Elders in our district for a couple hours. His name is Elder Hall. It was pretty fun. We worked in his area, but no one answered the door really. It was in the morning. It has felt so good the past couple days in terms of weather! Its been nice and warm in the 50s all week basically. (Never thought I'd be saying that one I can tell you that) It felt really good. Its been raining here and there and there is no more snow on the ground thank goodness! I don't like the snow. There is a baptism back in Kearns this Saturday so I will be going back for that :) It is Kasseys baptism. I was texting the Solomons to find out when it was and stuff and Sister Solomon said that Kassey asked if we were coming to her baptism. I miss the Solomons, they were so awesome and they did such a great job! We just got an MLS couple in our stake, the Browns. They had previously been serving in Grenada but had to come home early for some stuff and now they are serving here with us as full time missionaries in the stake. They haven't served a proselyting mission before so they have a lot to learn. They will do a great job though I know it. Played basketball with the Samoan ward this morning. That was fun, I did terrible but it was fun. Anyways I'm excited to go back for the baptism on Saturday. It will be nice to see Kearns again. I hope you all have a wonderful week! Keep up the good missionary work :) Also I apologize for not sending any pictures. The reason being I haven't taken any for awhile cause I've been too busy to do so. Have a great week! -Elder McKinney

A nice sister took this pic of Elder McKinney and Elder Hall and sent it to our email!

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