Monday, August 11, 2014

Miracles! And 11 months!

This week has been great! Well really it has all come to a climax last night and this morning. We had a great lesson last night with Cat. We met at the relief society presidents house this time instead of her main fellowshipper and the relief society presidents husband is in the bishopric of a young single adult ward and so he invited three returned sister missionaries to meet with us as well. We didn't know that until we showed up. It was awkward because we had planned on teaching the law of chastity. It wasn't bad though, it was weird to start but once we got going it was all good. One of the women who were there possibly has a job that Cat can get so that was really great. Cat got a lot of good fellowship after that lesson. Cat right now is scheduled to be baptized on September 20th, hopefully she can make some changes in work and be baptized even sooner! We had a huge miracle last night as well though. After our lesson with Cat we got a call from on the the assistants to the president and he asked me if we had anyone on date to be baptized in August. I replied no wondering what was going on. Then he asked if we had been praying for miracles. Thinking I was about to get chastised for not having enough faith or something I replied that we had. He then went on to tell us that we were going to have a baptism this week and that he would text us the details because they had to go to a lesson. Basically, a girl in our area was being taught by us but then asked to stop but we could still stop by and answer questions and things like that. (This was before I got into the area, though I did meet here once after I got here) We talked to the people she lives with (active members, the wife is the young womens president in the ward) and they said she had met other missionaries that she seemed to like and so we thought okay we will let them do whatever they can because we weren't getting anywhere. It turns out she has been meeting with missionaries in the East mission and the East mission president lives in the ward that this young woman does and so he turned her back to us. All we have to do is make sure she is interviewed and then she can get baptized this week! So we called the lady she lives with and set up the interview for tomorrow. We set a goal every week for how many baptisms and how many confirmations we are going to have. Normally we set our goal for one baptism and one confirmation even though we might not have anyone on date for that week. We set that as our goal because we know that miracles happen and we plan to have as many miracles as possible. This is one of my favorite miracles though. I don't know all the details so I'll let you know more next week about what all went on and stuff. Anyways, the work is going great here and the work is picking up! I know the Lord is blessing us. Have a great week everyone! Love you!

-Elder McKinney

Oh yeah, 11 months. I'm afraid to start hitting the downslide. Going down a slide is always faster than climbing to the top. Mission tour is this week. I am super excited! I know we are going to learn a lot. The prison is in our boundaries yes. I'm pretty sure senior couples go there, I don't know though. I wish we could go to the Ogden temple open house and the dedication, but we can't. Things are going good. I've learned a lot of little things that make up who I am, to try to write them all down would take too long. I'm trying to work on being refined right now. Dignified in speech and action. Thank you for all you do! Love you!

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