Monday, August 25, 2014

Transfers Again???

I absolutely cannot believe that transfers are here again! This is the fastest transfer that I have ever had and I know it is only going to go faster. It is only a couple weeks until I hit my year mark. It's a lot more depressing than I thought it was going to be. I thought I wouldn't hit that point until about 18 months out or something like that, but it's starting to hit now. This next year is going to go way to fast, I already know it. Elder Laughlin feels 100% again and we are out teaching the world again. Cat is still on date for September 20th. She has to come to church this week though for that to happen, so we are praying hard for that. We know Heavenly Father will provide a way for her to keep this commandment. She is doing well though other than that. She starts school this week at the University of Utah. We are still trying to get a hold of Sam and his mother. He hasn't responded to our texts or calls and hasn't been home when we stopped by, so we will hopefully catch him this week. Malia is a young woman that has been out of town for a month but should have got back this weekend. She has said that she wants to get baptized and her parents are okay with it so we should be able to start teaching her this week as well. Things are starting to pick up and its going to be great! There is also another family that we recently met that have kids who are interested in learning more and coming to church. The mother is the hold up right now, she said she's felt pressured with so much going on and us trying to set up a lesson. So as of right now we haven't started teaching yet, but I think we will be able to within the next week or two. They came to a ward party this last week and met a lot of great people and the young boy who is 9 will be starting cub scouts with the ward. Their last name is Gutierrez. They moved in not too long ago right across the street from where we live. Things are going well and I'm really excited for the work in this area. I don't know what transfers hold, I assume Elder Laughlin and I will stay together since he is being trained, but then again that's what I thought when I was being trained and I only stayed with Elder Bennett for one transfer. So we will see what happens. We talked to the people at the mansion again and they are letting us come take pictures as a district today :) I will send those next week. It's going to be a good day haha. Thank you for all your prayers and support, I really do appreciate it. Have a great week! Love you all.

 -Elder McKinney

 Since Elder McKinney loves "Lord of the Rings," thought these were appropriate for him!

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