Monday, September 1, 2014

New Companion...

Well, I received the most unexpected call last Monday night. As I was thinking of all the things that could happen this transfer I thought I had thought of it all. These were some of the things I thought could happen: Elder Laughlin and I could stay together, I could no longer be district leader, I could leave and another district leader could come in and be with Elder Laughlin, I could stay and another Elder would come in. All these different things were going through my head. Monday night threw that all out the window basically. I got a call from one of the assistants to the president telling me that I would be training another new missionary. I hadn't even finished training Elder Laughlin yet, I did not see that coming. The Lord knows whats best though so it's all good :)

My new companion, straight out of the MTC for about five days now is Elder Koo. He was born in Korea but lived in China most of his life. He knows Korean, Mandarin, and English. He is 18 years old and has two older brothers. One is in the MTC right now going to Boston Mandarin speaking. The other is in the army for South Korea, it is mandatory. Elder Koo will serve in a couple years as well. His grandparents on his mothers side converted when his mom was young, his father converted when he was in high school I think. Elder Koo is really humble and really kind. His English is pretty dang good. He's been learning it ever since 5th grade so no wonder. It is going to be a great transfer! There are lots of opportunities now with Elder Koo here that weren't available before. In one ward alone there are at least 3 or 4 chinese speakers that aren't members. It is going to be good :)

Other changes in the district: The sisters stayed together but are now in the Draper zone, and Elder Alder and Elder Walker are in our district. Elder Harris is in Sandy still but a different zone. Elder Baclawskis new companion is Elder Foneseca. Don't really know him at all. Elder Laughlin is in the Sandy West zone and is covering half of the YSA stake. He is with Elder Bridge, a good Elder. They have started testing a new idea in the mission. They tried it in one zone last transfer and now they have moved it to five zones. (out of 12... or maybe 10.. no 12) They are splitting up the zone leaders. Each zone leader has his own companion and his own area. They still have all the same responsibilities but they now are supposed to have two model areas. Interesting concept. We will see how it goes. Elder Laughlin is the companion to one of those zone leaders. They also did that with the assistants to the President.

Anyway, both Cat and Malia came to church! It was great :) Malia is super solid, she came with her cousin who is the same age. Cat could only come to Sacrament but she was still able to make it. Elder Koo and I spoke in two wards yesterday, we also taught a gospel principles class in another ward. Got to break him in somehow right? haha. It was good though and he did great. Cat has brought up some concerns, we are trying to help her overcome them. Its mostly just a difference in beliefs. I don't think it will keep her from being baptized overall, but I think it might delay her a little bit. But I know Heavenly Father can work miracles and so that is what we are praying and working for. Malia right now is on date for September 20th to be baptized. Her grandfather will be the one to baptize her. Her parents are no longer active in the church but the mother cried a little bit at our first lesson. Sam decided he no longer wanted to meet with us :/ but we will keep trying. We haven't met with the Gutierrez family this last week but we are going to stop by this week and see where they are at. The kids didn't come to church, but the boy may have gone to cub scouts. We shall see. So that is about where we are at right now. Lots of exciting opportunities with Elder Koo now, I can't wait to see what happens :) Have a great week everyone! Love you all -Elder McKinney

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