Tuesday, September 9, 2014

One Year...

It has been crazy to think about, but this week I will reach one year out on my mission. It has been a great time and I have loved it all. I know this second year will go way too fast and I'm not ready for it. Good things will happen though so I look forward to it with bright expectations. Some of the pictures included are our district after our last district meeting. That includes our senior couple the Brewsters. Then there is a picture from when we went up to the mansion. I will hopefully get more pictures later to send. Then there is one of Elder Laughlin and I juggling. I learned how to juggle and we practiced juggling together. We didn't do half bad, but we only had one transfer to practice. When Elder Koo came into the area, I took him to meet our stake president. Our stake president is a CEO of a company and likes to collect books. He just happens to have original copies of the first three editions of the Book of Mormon and he showed them to us. It was a really cool experience. He also had a King James bible that would be the same edition as the one Joseph Smith would have read. I got to hold them all in my hands :) The Church is true! We are going to transition Cat over to the young single adult missionaries, which in this case is Elder Laughlin so that will be good because Cat already knows and trusts him. Malia is still excited for baptism and things are going well. We continue every day the search for new investigators. Things are going well and Elder Koo is doing great. We are going to the Draper temple today so I am way excited! It's going to be great :) Well I hope you all have a great week! Love you all. -Elder McKinney

Editor's note: The picture of Elder McKinney and Elder Koo was sent to us from a member...we love getting those random texts and emails with pictures!!!

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