Monday, October 13, 2014

Short letter!

Transfers!!! Nothing happened. Elder Koo and I are staying together :) There was only one change in the district so nothing too big. We have zone conference this week so I am excited for that! I'm trying to think what happened this week.. this could be a really short letter. Elder Evans of the Seventy lives in our stake and we got to meet him this Sunday. We went to the Sacrament meeting that he was in and we bore our testimonies and he came and talked to us for a few seconds afterward. He was actually one of the speakers for the devotionals when Elder Koo was at the MTC so it was cool for him to find out he lived in our area. We also had dinner with someone who used to be a Seventy. We shared a message with him about fasting and at the end he shared Alma 45:1 and talked about how fasting can be a way we can worship and praise our Heavenly Father and give thanks for our blessings. I had never thought about that before. Okay so this is really short... I feel bad. Cat is doing well. She went to the YSA for the first time yesterday. She also met with Bishop about getting her patriarchal blessing. We haven't heard how that went yet. Malia should be getting baptized this Friday or Saturday so we are excited for that! Our only other investigator is Hernalen, we have had trouble getting a hold of her though because she is busy with school and work. So that's the update on the area. Hope all goes well for you. Love you all!

 -Elder McKinney

(the editor dislikes days like this when the letters are super short!  Especially after waiting all morning for the letter to come!)

On the other hand, we are happy that he is busy and happy!  So I made this picture to make myself feel better!

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