Monday, November 3, 2014

First Snow...

Unfortunately, it is true. This morning when we got up for workout there was snow on the car. Yesterday it had snowed on half of the mountain. It has begun, and I want it to end. Oh well, life goes on. This week was good though! Still in a threesome and still covering two stakes. Fun stuff. I'm glad though because the stake that we are covering that was not originally our own has not seen a lot of work for the past seven or so months and now we found someone to teach and they are on date to be baptized this month! We are excited for that. Her name is Mary C. Hernalen is doing well and is ready to be baptized, but she wants her father to approve it first. Her parents live in the Philippines. Those are the only investigators we have right now. Malia is doing well since her baptism. We had stake conference this weekend in our stake. The Saturday night session was all about the life of Christ and the Sunday session was about the hastening of the work of salvation. It was all really wonderful and lots of great talks! I went on an exchange with one of the sets of Elders in our district. I went with Elder Austin. He is really great and we are actually a lot alike so it was great to be with him for a full 24 hours. I love being in my stake though :) I've loved every stake I've served in. Our mission president came up with what we call our core beliefs. They are five beliefs that we are trying to make a part of ourselves. He also gave us another study guide that goes along with those core beliefs so I am really excited for that! I've already started studying it and it is wonderful! Here are our core beliefs:

1. I will learn, love, live, and teach the doctrine of Christ. I am called to the work of the harvest. Bringing souls to Christ and to the blessings of the Atonement will be my passion.

2. I will be a preach my gospel missionary(the manual that teaches us how to be missionaries) and be exactly obedient to the missionary handbook (our rules basically)

3. I will fear no man. As the Lord's representative and in doing His work I will boldly go forth and open my mouth to share the gospel with everyone.

4. I will strive daily through scripture study, prayer, and personal righteousness for the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. I will courageously follow His direction.

5. I will let the Sacrament change me each week as I use it to access the Atonement and to renew my covenants with the Lord. Our belief is that we will be successful as we do that. Successful in fulfilling our purpose as missionaries as well as successful in changing ourselves along the way.

I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!

-Elder McKinney

Elder Baclawski and Elder McKinney in front, Elder Walker (from Clovis!), Elder Austin and Elder Koo in the back
Note from the editor: Prayers are answered and Elder McKinney found his camera!  It was in a box of supplies...  YAY!

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