Monday, February 2, 2015

A lot of things...

A lot of things have happened this week. I'll start off with the work. The Friedlines are gone, so we are no longer teaching them. Mike H. was baptized into a Baptist church yesterday and so we won't be meeting with him for awhile. Christian and Talitha, weren't home for our appointment so we still haven't taught them since that first powerful lesson a few weeks ago. We are set up for this Thursday with them though so we hope to make some progress with them. Ellie's lessons have fallen through multiple times and so we haven't met with her now for over a month and a half. We are also scheduled to meet again this week as well though. Travis is doing well. We met with him this week and he said that things are different this time than when he's met with missionaries in the past. We wanted to commit him to do everything (live the word of wisdom, pray, read, come to church etc etc..) for three weeks. It turns out they are going to Disneyland and so they won't be here for two Sundays (starting yesterday). So that was kind of a bummer, but he said he would when they get back. He already does most of it. The only one he doesn't is he doesn't come to church every week. Other than that he basically already lives the life of a member. So that's kind of what has been going on with everyone.

We didn't find anyone new to teach this week, but we have a couple potential lessons this next week so we are excited. In other news, we had our zone conference on Tuesday which was super great! I got to see a lot of missionaries I know and it was fun to talk to them. I got to talk to the Solomons who are serving as the senior couple in the stake in Kearns where I was over a year ago (crazy to say that, it has literally been just a few days over a year since I went from Kearns to Sandy). They are working with a man who I have been worried about a lot the past couple months, so to hear that they are meeting with him brought me a lot of comfort. I also got to see both Elder Laughlin and Elder Koo. Elder Laughlin is a senior companion in West Jordan now. Elder Koo I feel will soon follow. We were also introduced to something at zone conference that I wasn't expecting. When I went with the missionaries to lessons and things in California they had a little box to monitor their driving. I thought all missionaries had them. When I came here and found out our cars didn't have them I was surprised. Well... we now have them. They use gps and all sorts of things like that to make sure we are driving the speed limit and don't do anything stupid or reckless. I think it will be overall beneficial. It's super loud though when it warns you that you are going too fast. It scared us really bad the first time we heard it.

We also found out we will be getting Ipads in March. It's going to be hard to try to transition, especially after having been out over a year and a half at that point, but I guess I'll make it work. It will be nice to finally have the gospel library app and the lds tools. Those alone make it so worth it. I'm not sure what else will happen with Ipads, but we will figure that out as it gets closer. All we know at this point is that we are getting them. This time for real, because I've heard rumors ever since I've been in the mission ha. So that's kind of been the week.

We played basketball last Monday and it was probably some of the best basketball I've ever played. Not only was I playing above my average, but it was just a good all around game. Everyone was playing together, no one was being aggressive, and it was really intense. I've realized recently how much I love basketball. I wish I could play it more. So that's my week for you. I know times get tough, but they will always end.

Two thoughts to close. Both are related. One: Last Christmas during a devotional our mission president shared a story of a woman talking about a verse of scripture that changed her life. That verse was Luke 2:1. The reason it changed her life was because she learned that trials come so that they can pass. They are never here to stay. Two: A woman was bearing her testimony yesterday in one of the Sacrament meetings we were at and she talked about how the Savior had to suffer in the Garden of Gethsemane on Friday but was resurrected on Sunday. She talked about how we all have our "Fridays" but there will always come a "Sunday" we just have to be patient and trust in the Lord. I know that is true. If you are going through a hard time right now, be patient, trust that all will end well as you have faith in Christ. I have seen it in my own life. Thank you for all that you do for me. I love you all! Have a wonderful week! -Elder McKinney

ps We see lots of deer around here. We may or may not have hit one. Just kidding, we didn't. We have come close a few times though.

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