Monday, February 16, 2015


Well.... Transfers were this week. I got transferred. I could kind of feel it coming. When I first got to Herriman I felt like I wasn't going to be there for very long. Elder Stanley is staying in the area and has a new companion. Elder Stanley is now the district leader. I'm proud of him. He'll do great! I'm going to miss him though. I am now in West Jordan as a zone leader. My companion is Elder Hauata. He is from Tahiti. He came into the field with me, but he went into the MTC four weeks before me to learn English. We will go home the same transfer. It's crazy. I am in the West Jordan, Prairie stake. It is a great stake with a ton of potential. We have seven lessons scheduled for tonight if that gives you any idea of what this transfer is going to look like :) There are 12 companionships in our zone and four or five senior couples as well.

Elder Koo is in my zone! So is Elder Walker. I am happy to see them again. Elder Laughlin was in this zone but got transferred as I came in. He is now a district leader in the East side of West Jordan. Our zone covers the West side. One of my other previous companions, Elder Cleveland, goes home this transfer. I can't believe how fast time has gone! Seems like we were just together yesterday. I'm somewhat close to my first area in Kearns. I go shopping in the same place as I used to and see a lot of the same places. It's a weird feeling to see some of these places again. Elder Hauata served in this stake when he first got into the mission, then got transferred out, and then got transferred back in a few months ago. He has served a total of about a year in this stake. Maybe I'll get a chance to go back to my first stake as well. That would be amazing!

Well, being a zone leader is a lot different. A lot more time is spent doing mission business compared to before. Whether that's taking bikes to missionaries or the mission office, or meeting with the district leaders or whatever, we are busy all the time. Our Monday will be mostly taken up with stuff like this so if I ever send a short email, it will probably be because of that. I apologize in advance. Even now I'm already emailing a lot later than normal. That will probably become the norm. We have a lot of investigators we are currently working with. As soon as I know who they all are I will let you know :) We are driving a new 2015 Corolla. It's pretty nice. This transfer is going to fly by! The next transfers are the end of March. We live with a single sister in the stake who is in her later years. The basement is nice and cozy. We share it with some mice unfortunately. Apparently they've killed four or five so far and there seems to be plenty more. We can hear them in the walls near our study area and in the ceiling. Either running or squeaking. We have started to get up at 5am to have more time to prepare and study in the morning. I've loved it so far. Yesterday was the only day that I was exhausted. Today I feel fine again. We cover seven wards by the way. Well, that's about it for a quick update. Hope all is going well for all of you! Love you all! Have a great week!

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