Monday, June 15, 2015

Transfer Week...

This week has been great! Mostly because we had three of our investigators at church! Two of them are on date to be baptized on July 4th. Talk about celebrating a great event ha :) so that is exciting for us. Having sacrament first is definitely the best thing to do. It was a lot more reverent and spiritual than it was before. We didn't find any new investigators this week, kind of a bummer. But this week is looking to be better in that regards. Transfers are this week. We find out tomorrow what is going to happen. We had a meeting this week with President Chambers as zone leaders and sister training leaders. We talked about the changes and came up with plans to help it go smoothly and make sure the missionaries don't get discouraged or stop working. He told us that out of the 17 or 18 areas going to the west mission, about 6 areas are being whitewashed. And since there are only 18 west missionaries coming over on the transfer that only leaves 6 areas to be affected. Elder Aquino and I doubt that this area would be whitewashed again so soon, so we feel we are probably going to stay together and go to the west mission. Sad that we will leave President Chambers, but excited at helping a brand new reorganized mission get started and take off towards success. Time is going by quicker and quicker. Realizing that I'm only going to write about 12 more of these emails is rather mind boggling. I remember when I was first put with missionaries who were on their last transfer and them saying I was going to be their last companion. I will be saying that next transfer to whoever my companion is. I never thought I would get to this point. I keep trying to tell myself I'm one of the three Nephites and will always be out here. I guess I'll just have to accept that fact that I may not be serving the same way, but I can and will be serving in other ways. So even if we stay this transfer, we will be a part of the south mission still until the official realignments. We will then have a new mission president and a new mission entirely. We shall see what happens. It's making us all anxious. All is going well. Our investigators are starting to become more solid and it looks like a few of them will finally be baptized. The work is hastening and summertime will help. Thank you for all of your prayers and faith on my behalf. They are greatly appreciated and truly felt in my life. May the Lord bless each of you with peace and happiness! Have a wonderful week!

-Elder McKinney

And this answer to Mom's thoughts that since Elder McKinney only has 3 months left he will stay in the South Mission...
Only having three months doesn't save me. If they did it based on time the new mission would only have brand new missionaries. It's based on revelation and wherever the Lord needs certain individuals. So if I'm needed there, that's where I'll be. I know I'll go wherever I'm needed, I've never doubted the Lord or President Chambers. Some mission presidents would be tempted to just send all the disobedient missionaries to the new mission, but thankfully President Chambers isn't going to do that.

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