Monday, June 22, 2015


I'm going to stop guessing what's going to happen for transfers, because I'm never right. Well, in part I was this time. I said I thought Elder Aquino and I would stay together. We did. We just didn't stay in the same stake. Elder Aquino and I were transferred from the West Jordan Welby stake to the West Jordan Westland Stake. This is my fourth area in West Jordan now. So President Chambers pulled us both out to keep us in the mission. Two west missionaries came in as the zone leaders for that zone and on July 1st will officially be part of the west mission. Elder Aquino and I are still zone leaders, but for a different zone. The Westland stake was a part of our old zone, but is now a part of this new zone. It's a smaller zone, but we are still producing a lot of work. There are seven companionships counting us, and three senior couples. There are about three or four missionaries in the zone who go home this transfer, and two or three that go home next transfer. This transfer(June 17th) brought a lot of changes. Everyone is where they need to be now for the realignment of the boundaries on July 1st. Elder Aquino and I will be in the south mission still, but we will be on the northern boundary. We look forward to seeing many miracles. Even though there are a lot of changes, it's only happening to hasten the work. So we know we will find a lot of people to teach in the next short while. We cover 8 wards. Which means I've covered about 64 wards now. That sounds odd to say. It's been great though. I don't know if this is my last area or not. Only one more transfer so we shall see. Church went well yesterday. We attended three wards and got to bless the sacrament in one of them. It's been a long time since I've blessed the sacrament so that was a really neat experience, especially with the increased focus on the sabbath and the sacrament. Oh yeah, Elder Knowlton is in my zone. He is one of my former companions. He goes home at the end of this transfer. Crazy to think about. Only four of my companions have gone home so far. Two of them I was with them their last transfer. I've had 12 companions total, not counting mtc. We live in the basement of a nice family from Georgia. We are the first ones to live here. It's a really nice place and it's a lot cooler than the last house we were living in. We were above the garage in the last one so it got really hot. Our landlord didn't turn on the ac either so it could get really toasty. This one though is nice and cool. I can wear my blankets at night and feel perfect. We didn't get to keep car #13 which I was kind of bummed about. We kept it in really good shape. We got a Chevy Cruze to drive instead. It definitely needs a clean today. I couldn't wait for today just so I could clean the car. It was pretty bad. Still works though so that's good. And it's white, also a plus :) That's about it. There were two people being taught when we came in, but we haven't been able to meet either of them. So we are just trying to meet all the leadership and find more people to teach. Hope all is well, have a wonderful week!

-Elder McKinney

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