Monday, July 20, 2015

The Mountains...

This week was great! Last week after I emailed we went to the temple, had a wonderful experience there. We went to the Jordan River temple. Then after that we went up into the mountain. We had heard you could go up and see into the mine. We decided to try. Here's what we found :)

It was a really neat trip. We could see everything from north of downtown salt lake to most of Utah Valley and Utah Lake. We could also see Tooele on the way up.So it was a great preparation day! Then during the week we went on exchanges with one of our district leaders. His companion came with me into our area. Lacie is finally on date for August 1st to be baptized. We talked to her parents and they agreed on a date with us. Things are going well there. Then we also taught two new investigators. They have been taught before in the past but their dad hasn't given them permission to be baptized. Their names are Lily and Daisie. We only meet with them about once every two weeks.

Things are going well in the zone though. We are passing the goals that we have set recently so I am glad that things are going up. Other than that we are working to find more people to teach and baptize. We spoke in a Ward yesterday. We got to meet an area seventy that lives in that Ward. His name is Elder Allen. He is also the managing director of something for missionary work. His wife said he's the highest civilian in the missionary work field. So that was cool. The first mission president of the Salt Lake City mission lives in our area as well. It was cool to meet him, he's really funny. We haven't had the chance to talk to him too much though. He was the first stay at home mission president ever to be called.

No more zone conferences for me unfortunately. We have them about once every three months. It was cool though, in my first zone conference we watched a 20 minute movie thing called the butterfly circus and related it to missionary work. We watched it in my last zone conference as well and related it to the parable of the talents. It was cool to start and end with something like that for a zone conference.

Things are going well, I'm glad to be serving a mission. It's helped and taught me a lot. Have a great week! Thank you for everything! Love you all!

-Elder McKinney

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