Monday, March 10, 2014

Six month mark! (tomorrow)

Transfers are this Wednesday. I'm excited to see what happens. I have no idea what to expect. My companion goes with the rest of the departing missionaries on Wednesday and then they go and do activities then spend the night in the Mission Home and then fly home Thursday morning. I will find out who my new companion is on Tuesday and will get him on Wednesday morning. I'll probably get someone who will be the new district leader since Elder Niupalau was it before. As long as I get to keep the car :) (even if it is a corolla) It's going to be a great transfer though, I can already feel it! The wards in the Midvalley Stake are starting to catch the vision and we should start to see an increase of work soon. Emma J. will be baptized this upcoming Saturday so that will be great! It was hard to find a building for her to be baptized in though, because although Utah has churches on every corner, they are also being used for Regional Basketball this Saturday. Not a problem we would have had in California ha. Its cool though, we finally found a building after like four tries. She is doing really well and she is definitely prepared. We have also been working with John K. who has been less active and he is doing so well! His ex-wife was baptized in December and that kind of rekindled the flame in him and he has come so far even in just the past two weeks! He has a really strong desire to change his life and follow Christ. I'm really hungry right now. I want food. We are going to lunch today with a bunch of missionaries at a Chinese buffet place. That'll be good. Oh yeah, tomorrow is my 6 month mark. Crazy. I can't believe it has gone by so fast. It's weird to think that that really isn't a long time and that I'm still new out, but at the same time that's a fourth of my mission. Only three more of those? That's not a fun thought. I know time will only continue to go faster too. The weather has been really nice lately, nice temperatures. It's rained a little bit here and there but nothing too bad. I'm fine with that, I can live with rain. Other than that we still are looking for more people to teach. I'm just so excited for this transfer and for the potential that it holds, especially with some of the wards starting to catch the vision. Its going to be awesome! I know hard times come, but they will also go away. Never give up and never forget that the Savior is there to help you in your individual trials. I know that He is and I know that we can find great power and strength in and through the Atonement. Have a wonderful week everyone! Love you all. Keep sharing the gospel with everyone :) -Elder McKinney

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