Monday, March 17, 2014

Transfers and baptism!

It has been a fantastic week! Transfers were on Wednesday. Elder Niupalau went to the mission office with the rest of the departing missionaries. They had testimony meetings and stuff and they also got to go out to visit former investigators to invite them to be baptized. So I'll tell you about someone Elder Niupalau went to in a bit. My new companion is Elder Knowlton. He is from Orford, New Hampshire. He came out a transfer before me and he is now the new District Leader. This is his first time being a district leader. We will be able to work great together I think and find a lot of success. The Midvalley stake is starting to pick up. One of the people Elder Niupalau went by on Wednesday to invite to be baptized was the father of the family that he went with to the temple to be sealed. His name is Alfred. He didn't fully commit to a date but he set up a return appointment for us to come the next day. So Elder Knowlton and I went and we taught him briefly about Church Prayer and Reading the Book of Mormon (CPR for the soul) and put him on date for April 5th. He came to Sacrament this week so he is progressing! We also had President Chambers interview a man named Adil for us to teach. President Chambers had to interview him because he is Muslim and he had to make sure that nothing bad would happen as a result of us teaching him. We got approval to teach him and we will be putting him on date later this week. There are also a couple other really good potential investigators that we have that we should pick up this week as well. John K came to church again as well and so that was awesome! He is continuing to do really well and there isn't much more we can do for him. Emma's baptism was on Saturday! After trying like four other buildings we finally found one that wasn't being used for regional basketball and had the baptism there. We had to go early to fill up the font so we just did our studies there. There were a ton of people there at the baptism though! It was really awesome. Most of them were her friends from school or the ward in Draper but there was a decent amount from her ward here so that was good. It was a great baptism! Her uncle flew in from Washington to baptize her. After the baptism they had lunch at her house. After the baptism we helped a couple people move and helped an older couple clean out their garage. We have done quite a bit of service the past week or so. More so than I had ever done before that point, at least here in Sandy. It has been good though. The work is starting to pick up and I am very excited about what will happen. I'm finally getting a haircut too. I haven't gotten one since I've been in Sandy. I'm going back to the lady who cut my hair in Kearns. Might go visit some people while I'm there. We can go anywhere in the mission on P-day so that'll be fun. I think that's about it to report for right now. I'll send a couple more emails with pictures. I can only send one at a time so it's kind of annoying. I might send most of them to my mom and have her put them on the blog. The address for the blog is I hope you all have a wonderful week! I'm excited for this transfer, a lot is going to happen. Love you all!

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