Monday, March 31, 2014

Week packed full of awesomeness!

This last week was packed full of awesomeness!! I can't even remember in what order everything happened. The temple was awesome last Tuesday! Then later that night we had a lesson with the Muslim man, Adil. We put him on date for April 19th. It was super cool! Then Thursday was interviews with President Chambers. That was good. Then on Friday we had the mission fireside which was awesome! One of President Chambers cousins and close friends came to speak to us and tell us about his experience climbing Mount Everest. He related it to goals and how sometimes we have to take it step by step and things like that. So that was cool and then we had like an hour to visit with everyone. So I got to talk to all my old companions and other missionaries I've served with. That was really nice. No Ipads yet, but they are coming. Supposedly in June. That's the rumor at least. I just want to be able to use LDStools. That would make things so much easier! Anyways, then we had a lesson on Saturday with a man that we had already reactivated but Bishop asked us to keep working with him so we have, but this time he had his daughter there with him and she isn't a member and so we taught her and put her on date. She wasn't at church though because she was sick so she's not on date anymore but we have a lesson with her again on Wednesday. We also have an investigator that we found in the Samoan ward and he is on date for April 13th right now. He is cool and really understands how much the gospel will help him. He also has a really strong support system in the ward. Alfred I. is still on date for this Saturday. We are going to have the baptism earlier in the morning so that it doesn't interfere with conference. He won't be able to be confirmed until the next Sunday though since it has to be in Church. Adil since that lesson where we put him on date however, has said that he no longer wants to meet with us. He knows its true, he's just afraid of change. But there is still a lot of work in this area and I'm really excited! This week is going to be awesome as well! We had 10 lessons this last week, that's the most I've had in one week so far. We are going to beat it this week :) I can't wait for conference!! I don't get to go again, but I don't mind. I know I will at some point. We were going to try to take Adil, but then he said he didn't want to go and so now we aren't going. I hope you all take advantage of this opportunity to listen to the word of the Lord. This chance doesn't come very often and it is for us now in this day. Take heed to what they say and apply it in your life. It will bless you immensely. Have a wonderful week everyone! Love you all.
-Elder McKinney

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