Monday, April 7, 2014

Conference Weekend...Mom's version...

We have a conference weekend tradition of making Bisquick Cinnamon rolls (not my favorite, but Dave grew up on them so now have all my kids) and I was wondering if I got some to the mission home, how could I let Joel know they were there for him to pick up.  Lo and behold, I get a text one day from Brother Schwendiman (where Joel lives) and he says Elder McKinney requested cinnamon rolls for conference tradition and if I decided to do it, here's the address to drop them off!  Oh my goodness!  He gave me the address!  Is this a test for the mom or what?  ha ha.  So I made the cinnamon rolls and arranged to drop them off Friday evening while Joel was at his dinner appointment (and he was actually going to be out until 9 p.m.).  When we got there, I met the very kind Bro. Schwnediman and he said he had not mentioned to Joel that he contacted me!  So it would be a surprise!  It was fun to meet him and see where Joel is currently living (just a few blocks from the mission home actually).  I dropped off the rolls and a bottle of orange juice and we were on our way back down the road!  A fun Friday night date!  We stopped at the Sandy Costco on our way home (Who else does date night at Costco besides us?).  Here's a pan of our Conference Weekend cinnamon rolls...I guess without Joel here, we have leftovers!  Of course Dave takes the biggest ones out of the middle...ha ha.  What a fun weekend!  Can't wait for Joel's email today!!

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