Monday, April 28, 2014


Well, didn't get transferred. Neither did Elder Knowlton. We are both still here and doing well. Except for the fact that we start eating with the Samoan ward in a couple weeks and we eat with them for a month straight. I love the people, but I am going to struggle eating that much food. We will see though. It has been a great week! Nothing too new has happened, we taught a new investigator last Monday. We won't be able to teach her for a couple weeks though because of work. Samantha is still scheduled to be baptized this Saturday :) It is going to be great! Beaver we are still waiting for details on when they are going to get married so we can schedule the baptism. It should still be within the next few weeks. We went on a hike last week for P-day. It was really cool. We went up to a reservoir somewhere. Felt good to hike again, it's been too long! It kills me being so close to the mountains without being able to do very much. It's alright though, that's one of the perks of living in Utah :) after the mission. I finally learned how to solve a rubiks cube. It took a 12 year old to teach me, but I got it. I can do it in about 2 and a half minutes on average. I am working on my speed still. We have zone conference this Wednesday. That will be awesome! Elder Cleveland is in my zone now. He is still in the same area but our zone boundaries changed. It was good to see him again. I also went back to Kearns today for a haircut so I visited a couple people there as well. It has been rainy and overcast a lot the past couple of days. Had some hail here and there. Had a lot of hail/snow today. At least compared to the past couple of weeks. It melted pretty fast. I can't think of too much else right now, but I will send some more pictures. Have a great week everyone! -Elder McKinney

The little sister of the Rubiks cube master drew this poster for them...

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