Monday, April 21, 2014


Its been a little slower of a week compared to the past few, but it has still been a great one! We didn't have as many teaching opportunities but we were able to take Sami to Temple Square. That is the first real temple square experience I had that wasn't cut short or in Spanish. So that was nice. The Sisters do a great job and Sami had a good time. The picture is kind of blurry and not very good, thanks to my camera, but hey, better than nothing right? It was a really cool experience though! Got to see more of temple square that I hadn't seen before so that was good. I'm trying to think what else happened this week... Oh yeah, we got to decorate Easter eggs with Sami and her family. I'll send a picture of my egg after this. We got to speak in one of our wards yesterday. That was cool, its been awhile since I've spoken. We are going to speak again this Sunday in another ward. We spoke about the Savior and his Resurrection and Missionary work of course. So that was fun! Then we went and shared the video "Because of Him" with everyone we could. It is a great video! If you haven't watched it yet I encourage you to go watch it now. It is truly amazing! It is on,, and youtube and probably many other places. Other than that I can't think of too much that happened. Oh yeah we went on exchanges with our zone leaders. I stayed in the area with Elder Maestas and Elder Knowlton went with Elder Bridge. It was a fun exchange and a great day. Okay... now I don't think I can think of anything else to write... I hope you all had a great Easter! I know I had way too much candy that I ever needed. I'll be working it off for awhile haha. Have a great week everyone! Always remember what is possible "Because of Him"! Love you all.

-Elder McKinney

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