Monday, April 14, 2014

Preach My Gospel challenge...

This week has been good. Alfred was confirmed yesterday in church by his son. It was awesome! We were going to take Samantha to temple square but something came up and they had to cancel. We are going on Tuesday though so that will be good :) We are also going to try to go with Beaver. He will be baptized but he has to get married first. They are going to get married in early May so it will happen in the first or second week. We went on an exchange with the other elders on Wednesday. I finally went to the other area instead of staying in mine. I was with Elder Egley in their area and Elder Piutau came with Elder Knowlton in our area. It was fun, but I got sunburnt. They walk and it was a nice warm sunny day. There were two elders who were having their car fixed nearby and still wanted to work so one of them came with us for a few hours cause he used to serve in that stake. It was kind of weird, and I hate being a third wheel, but it was alright. We also had two dinners that night. I was full. Last p-day we went to a place called Airbourne. Not sure how to spell it. It is like Skywalk back in Clovis. Trampolines everywhere and dodgeball and all that fun stuff. Foam pit. I don't know what we are going to do today. We might play volleyball or something. It's starting to feel really nice outside. Had a bit of rain yesterday but nothing too bad. Hailed for 10-20 minutes. We have some more potential investigators that we just found as well so I'm excited to have some more people to teach. Lots of good talks in church about talks from General Conference. Elder Knowlton and I are going to speak in one of our wards on Easter Sunday, I'm excited for that too :) So, Elder Ballard challenged everyone to have a copy of Preach My Gospel and to study it, so I would like to hear what you all learn from it. Just something short if nothing else every now and then would be awesome! Thank you in advance! I hope you all have a wonderful week! Keep sharing the Gospel, Heavenly Father is preparing people all the time. Love you all.
-Elder McKinney

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