Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference and a Baptism!

It has been a great week! Alfred I. was baptized on Saturday morning before the first session of General Conference. It was a nice baptism. It was mostly family there. His son was the one to baptize him and he will also be the one confirming him this next Sunday in church. I loved General conference! I can't wait until the Ensign comes out so I can go back and study them all again. I think the Priesthood session was my favorite one, but both of Saturdays come close. We watched conference with some of the families in the stake. Needless to say we got lots of food this weekend. I have never felt more full... until we eat with the Samoan ward at least ha. We have been working with Samantha M.the daughter of the woman that we re-activated, and she said she would be baptized on May 3rd. We have made a lot of progress with her over the past few weeks so this is great. We will continue to work with her though to help strengthen her. I believe I told you about Jordan last week as well, we haven't been able to meet with her since last time. Beaver is not on date anymore because he was saying yes because of pressure from future family basically and he said he's not sure he wants it himself yet. So we are continuing to work with him as well. We are going to take Beaver and Samantha to temple square sometime this week hopefully. Other than that it has been a great week and we look forward to another great week! I look forward to hearing about what y'all learned from General Conference :) Have a wonderful week! -Elder McKinney

In his short note to Mom, Elder McKinney explained that they had to share one computer this week so their letters were shorter...but he did thank me for the cinnamon rolls!  

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