Monday, March 3, 2014

March...What happened to February!?!

I have no idea where February went. It came and left before I even knew it was there. Luckily the weather this month has been really good, but I know we will still get a few snow days here and there. This week was good. Went on an exchange with the other elders in our district. I was with Elder Hall in my area and Elder Niupalau went with Elder Egley in his area. It was a good exchange and I had fun. Elder Hall is just a big goober. Every time I try to take someone out for lunch I get more money than I pay. I have so much extra money left over from last month I have no idea what to do with it. There is a lady that Elder Niupalau reactivated and she buys our groceries for us basically so I haven't spent my money on that stuff, I probably will have to though after he leaves. He goes home in less than two weeks now. It's crazy how fast this transfer has gone! I have no idea what is going to happen this transfer, the only thing I think is safe to say is that I will stay in the area, other than that I have no idea what will happen with everyone else. Transfers are on March 12th. We had to drop the couple that we were trying to get married and baptized. They weren't progressing and we couldn't meet with them very often. So we handed them over to the senior couple in our stake. Emma is still doing great though and is still on date for March 15th. This week was also great because I got to go back to Kearns for two baptisms. Andrew was baptized and so was Seth who Elder Bennett and I taught back in my first transfer, Elder Cleveland taught him a little as well but the sisters finally got it to happen. Figures. I got to go back for both of them so it was awesome! Seth was baptized by a young priest in the ward and Andrew was baptized by his foster parent. They were both great baptisms! I gave a talk on baptism at Andrew's. Elder Niupalau was also able to attend the temple with a family he worked with, they were sealed on Saturday. I wasn't able to go because I went to the baptisms but it was great that he got to go. We are still working hard and looking for the elect. I know the wards are going to start catching the vision and help the work move along. Have a great week everyone! Love you all. -Elder McKinney



The Solomons, Sister Missionaries, Elder Cleveland and Elder McKinney

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