Monday, June 2, 2014

Transfer week again...

We are coming up on another transfer. I can't quite believe it. Once again I have no idea what is going to happen. I could stay, I could go, Elder Knowlton could stay, Elder Knowlton could go, we could both go, or we could both stay. I have absolutely no idea. We will find out Tuesday. I hope I stay. I still have work to do here. Plus there is a stake conference coming up with a visiting 70 and President Chambers will be there. Our Stake President went over some of the topics and it sounds like its going to be awesome! But I know the Lord will send me where I need to be. I just don't want to move all of my stuff. We shall see. Its gotten into the 90s a couple times this last week. Those were killer days. I would get so burnt if we were walking! We had another week without any teaching opportunities. But we set up a lot of stuff for this week so I'm not disappointed. We are going to have some more investigators after we have our initial lesson with them. Beaver was married on Saturday. We wanted to go but we were never invited so I don't know how it went. Heard it was good though. So now we will work with him on getting to baptism. I don't think it will be too long until that happens. Eating with the Samoans still hasn't been too bad. We've technically only eaten "with" them two times. The other times they have just dropped off food. But we got the list for the month and there are only a few days scheduled. So I guess we are on our own for the rest of the month. Well, until the 18th of this month. They had the 18th of last month to the 18th of this month. So it is a full month, but not a calender month. Anyways, its been good. My stomach hasn't exploded yet. Almost did yesterday though. We ate with the bishop of that ward and we had some really good food. It wasn't Samoan, but it was delicious. It was just some simple lasagna and mashed potatoes and stuff. We got all the leftovers too. We helped someone who was moving for about an hour the other day. I need to do that more, I would be in much better shape. It was a hot day and a hot basement. But we got a lot done and then had to head out. We are starting to find more work and so this next week and from now on should be a lot better :) Studying the Atonement has been amazing! I've learned a lot. Something Elder Knowlton said though that I thought was good was that we can study the Atonement and know all the things that went on, but until we apply it in our lives and FEEL the Atonement then it doesn't make too much of a difference. I continue to encourage all of you to study the Atonement. I know that doing so will bring greater peace and happiness in your life and you will have a greater desire to share it with others. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

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