Monday, June 9, 2014


Well, transfers came and I am now in... Sandy!! Didn't go too far, just a little south. I am now in the Sandy Crescent Stake. I am super excited to be here! I don't know what changed but I'm just so excited to go and work and help people come unto Christ. My new companion is Elder Williams. He is from Jacksonville Florida. He also goes home at the end of this transfer. I seem to be hitting a routine here. I'm with a companion in one area for a transfer and then they get transferred (sometimes home) and then I get a new companion for two transfers until I leave the area. We will see if it happens again. We cover the whole stake, there are seven wards. There is a senior couple serving here too but they are finishing their mission at the end of this month. They have served for five years now! So we will see if a new couple is called. We live in a members home above their garage. It used to be their daughters room and is decorated as such. We are going to be moving houses at the end of the transfer however because they have housed missionaries for about three years now. Yet another time I will change houses without being transferred. I guess its possible I could still get transferred out, but not likely. This area is... well really wealthy. I'm pretty sure we have the biggest house in the Salt Lake Valley in our area. Its more like a giant hotel. Its a crazy awesome mansion! We have yet to knock the door because the gate is always closed. We want to sometime though. Apparently they are members too. All the houses though in this area are so nice! Anytime we ask someone what they do for work its always "oh I created this company" or something like that. Pretty awesome. Pretty awesome houses. We work out in this members home where they have a treadmill and weights and stuff like that, but they also have a large basketball court in their basement. It is really quite amazing. We also apparently have the mission president of the East mission in our area somewhere. As well as President Bishop who is in our mission presidency. This area hold a lot. We have a few investigators. I have met with one of them so far and we are working to put her on date. Her name is Catilyn, no idea how to spell it. She goes by Cat. The members here seem to be more missionary minded than I've seen so far on my mission, which is good. We just need to help them all catch the vision and know how to work to achieve that vision. I am really excited and Elder Williams and I expect to see many miracles this transfer. We will also have interviews and a temple trip in there somewhere. I am excited for that too. I am just so excited! I don't know if I made that clear or not haha. Things are going great and I hope you all have a wonderful week! Keep being awesome!Oh yes, I forgot. Elder Knowlton is now training a new Elder and Elder Williams is also the District Leader and we drive a Malibu, I thought the corolla was bad but I've since changed my mind.  Elder Knowlton will let me know what happens with Beaver and everyone else.

This is going to be a great transfer!  Love, Elder McKinney

A sister in Sandy texted us this picture and said what wonderful missionaries they are!  This was just a day or two after his transfer...when the weather turned very cold all of a sudden!  These kind of pictures make our day!

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