Monday, July 7, 2014


I can't believe that transfers are coming up so soon already. Only a little bit over a week left. Crazy. So.... this week. Ryan is still good for baptism on the 15th. Cat was accepted to University of Utah but is still working on getting a new job. She should hopefully get one within the next couple weeks and then get baptized a few weeks after that. We are still trying to find more people to teach though. We have pepperwood in our area, the really rich area that is a gated community and people were complaining about us going door to door and so the main guy in pepperwood called President Bishop in our mission presidency, who lives in pepperwood, and told him that if we kept doing that he would call the cops on us. So for now we can only knock on members doors, it sucks, but we are working on ways to keep working in there. I'm not too worried, the work will still go forward. Met a family in one of the wards that has a son serving in Clovis right now. We entered the MTC on the same day. Not sure which ward he is in though, the father couldn't remember. Its a different last name that I don't remember so I couldn't tell you who it is. Anyways, that was funny. So... yeah. Work is going good. Sorry to keep it short but I've got a lot to do today. Love you all! Have a great week! Oh yeah, fourth of July. It was awesome. Normal working day, but when it was night time we went up to a higher part of our area and we could see the entire valley basically and watched fireworks from there. It was possibly one of the coolest things I've ever seen. I got some cool videos, but they are too big to send. So yeah, have a great week!!

-Elder McKinney

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