Monday, March 30, 2015


Hey! So this week has been crazy to say the least. Remember how I said that I thought things would stay the same? Well I was completely wrong. It has been a great week though. Elder Hauata and I were both transferred. Our area was whitewashed meaning two new Elders came in. Elder Hauata is now serving in the Draper Young Single Adult stake. It's his first time being out of West Jordan his whole mission, and he came out with me! He is still a zone leader. I didn't get transferred as far. Actually, I stayed as close as possible and went to the stake across the street from where I was before. I am now in the West Jordan Cobble Creek stake. I am now the senior zone leader and my new companion Elder Covington is a new zone leader. He has been in the area for two transfers, now to be three, and was a district leader until now. I am training him as a new zone leader, which is crazy because I've only been one for a transfer myself. There are also two new district leaders in our zone who have never been district leaders before so we have to train them as well. There are two other companionships who are whitewashing in the zone. The Prairie stake where I was before isn't even in our zone anymore.

I felt a little overwhelmed on Wednesday when transfers came because I was now responsible for leading the zone and making sure everything happened that needed to. Then I got a little sick on Thursday, it wasn't too bad though. Just kind of a sore throat. But Friday got a lot better and we taught a lot of lessons and found a couple new investigators. Saturday was just as good. We taught more lessons and picked up even more new investigators. There's one woman who I think is probably the closest to baptism. She's a little bit older and has a lot of health problems. She's living with her daughter and her daughter has a couple young kids. None of them are baptized. The older woman, named Velanie stopped the Elders a few weeks ago from the second story apartment balcony and told them she wanted to meet with them. We finally met with her the other day and she said she would get baptized. She's the only investigator that I'm really familiar with. There's a lot of good potential here though. It's funny, well maybe not really funny, but cool.

A few weeks ago I came to this stake on exchanges. The whole time I was here I kept telling the Elder I was on an exchange with that his area felt really good. So when I got the news that this is where I was being transferred to I knew why I felt that way ha. We are going to see a lot of success here in this area. I'm excited. I'm not sure how long I'll be here for, but I look forward to the next six weeks. I'm finally working with an MLS couple again! It's been so long! It's been over 9 months I think since I've had a senior couple in my stake. It's nice :) there's also a set of Spanish Elders in our stake. One is actually our district leader. A lot of Spanish areas are being combined with English areas so I'm glad ours hasn't yet. Things are going well. Elder Covington has been out for about 14 months. We cover six wards. We have the white 2015 Corolla still which I'm happy about. There's a new video out, you should all watch it!
I'm excited for general conference this weekend! I'll most likely go to a session, but I'm not sure which one yet. We shall see. Come with questions, there will be answers. Thank you for all that you do! Love you all! Have a great week :)
-Elder McKinney

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