Monday, April 20, 2015

Dust, Snow!?

It has been an interesting week to say the least. I'm exhausted right now. So if my thoughts are disconnected and don't make sense, I apologize. Tuesday we had a bunch of crazy wind! Our area is next to a bunch of huge fields that are just filled with dirt and so all we could see was dust. I think the entire valley was filled with dust, it was disgusting. We could hardly see a few hundred yards in front of us. You could taste it whenever you were outside. It was also raining a little so it was nasty muddy rain. It was a nice 70-75 degrees though so that was nice. Until it dropped to about 30 degrees and started snowing after dinner. That was not too fun. It snowed and then the next day kept going. We probably got about 6 inches of snow. It was terrible (for me, the moisture was definitely needed). We went on exchanges Wednesday to Thursday, so I went with one of our district leaders to his area. Walking in the snow, no Bueno. He covers a Spanish assignment so it was kind of weird to just sit and listen and wonder what they were saying. I don't know a lick of Spanish. It was cool though and I could definitely feel the spirit during lessons. We also picked up a family of new investigators this week. There are seven kids in the home and so it's absolutely crazy and I have no idea how to teach them. It's fun though. We still struggle helping people come to church. A lot of people we've been teaching are moving, and the ones that aren't are super hard to get a hold of. So it's interesting, but things are still going well. The zone is starting to improve so I'm glad that is happening. We have a meeting tomorrow with the mission leadership to learn about the application for our area books and planners. Then on Wednesday we will meet as a zone and teach everyone else how to use it and such. I'm glad to finally be getting it. It will be really nice and will help to hold us accountable for a lot of stuff. This will definitely help a lot. Things keep moving forward. Hope you all have a great week. Love you!

-Elder McKinney

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